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When it's Okay to EAT UNTIL IT HURTS...

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Busy folks,

Being 'full' feels good. Duh.

You can still achieve the body you've been wanting for YEARS and not feel starved

There's no time to waste--I've gotten fat at the worst possible times for you already.

So, here again are fast FACTS that set the record straight on when to go all-in

Drink it.

     Diet Coke, Crystal Light, Coffee, Water...etc

     Thirst disguises itself as hunger ALL THE TIME. Diet drinks, sugar-free mix-ins, etc.

     It's a FASTER way to feel nice and full too! 

- Crunch it.

     Fiber-filled greens (& reds, yellows, purples...) 

     Buttered (lightly) green beans, poppable cherry/grape tomatoes, (slightly)cheesy broccoli.

     Salads and dip can be boring--they aren't the only ways to 'enjoy' uncooked vegetables.

     Make CRUNCHY produce 2x the portion size of your meat and consume first!

- Slop it.

     Shakes can be dangerously dense in calories--especially store-bought.

     Use some TASTY quality protein powder, water, fat-free greek yogurt, and a spoon.

     Doctor it up with texture (e.g. handful oats/berries) and/or sweeteners (Stevia, etc.)

     Creates a dense snack/meal that will KEEP YOU FULL for hours.

You make the money, right?

Whether you shop it yourself or add it to the list, make sure these things are available; be prepared when hunger strikes. 

I know you're busy too...don't be stuck forever worsening your body. Follow my lead, and there's nothing you can do to prevent improving your shape.

Stay busy,



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