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The TRUTH About When to Eat & Meal Timing


Do you operate in the real world?

For us busy folks, real-world gradual changes in our bodies can escape our attention. So, understand these 3 quick FACTS as to not waste your time 

Idea: Eat daily breakfast; it is very important and fuels your day

Reality: We've trained our minds to expect food when we wake up. It DOES NOT MATTER when we begin eating daily.

Idea: Eat soon after exercise to stabilize energy in & out

Reality: Our digestion, metabolisms, and hormones are all a COMPOSITE. Eat before, after, or even during exercise. Consumption is best tracked weekly.

Idea: Eat small meals throughout the day to stay full!

Reality: There *is* some merit here for those of us blessed with appetite control. If you can STOP after starting snacks, try it! However, there are more effective ways to stay full...

These overlooked realities will help you stick to a plan that ACTUALLY WORKS.

If you want to stop looking like you've given up, there's no absolutely no stopping you from improving your body when you follow my guidance.

Stay busy,



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