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The Truth About The 'Coffee Diet'

I drink coffee two ways:

Hot or Iced (depending on the weather) & always black.

Before I collect my participation trophy for disliking room-temp coffee, I owe you an explanation...

As the clock continues to tick...the necessity of caffeine drags working men to their knees eager to squeeze every drop of productivity out of any given day.

We’ll brew it from home or stop en-route to work to attack our first task in-stride, bright-eyed & bushy-tailed.

Recently I found a fancy French Press at Goodwill. I’m no coffee expert, but I have to admit, it's AMAZING because it’s so, so rich & creamy.

When providing for a home and/or family you’ve gotta appreciate the fuels you can actually enjoy... caffeine is a godsend.

So thank GOD for “The Coffee Diet” created by Bob Arnot, M.D. from his 2017 book “The Coffee Lover’s Diet”

Somehow, someway, the folks over at Men’s Health Magazine managed to pull their heads out of their backsides. Someone finally knocked some sense into those folks--at least for now. In “Can You Really Lose Weight on the Coffee Diet?” Paul Kita (the Food & Nutrition Editor) exposes that drinking ‘3 or More’ cups of (black) coffee/day may work for the average guy.

But who here is "average"?

Like a lot of you, my "cup" is oversized to prevent unnecessary, time-wasting refills.

I'm sipping this baby right now

My precious Bailey's mug can finally take center stage as the lynchpin of successful dieting.

I drink a lot of black coffee ✔

I do not struggle with my weight ✔

Case closed. Pack it up. We're done here. This is airtight.

…Between Dr Arnot's personal brand of 'Dr. Danger' coffee, & his book about how to make coffee the cornerstone of your fat-loss diet…I'm afraid there's nothing of substance to his approach.

The Crux of the diet: capping daily calories at 1,500/day.

If you're reading this, that may or may not mean anything to let me set the record straight here...100% of overweight men will lose fat eating 1,500 cal/day--with or without coffee.

Guys...the Coffee Diet is just a diet that specifies it's okay to drink lots of black coffee. Wildly boring and disappointingly familiar, it's a new angle but as effective as a 'Chewing-Gum Diet' in which it's acceptable to chew as much gum as your heart desires...also you're on 1,500 cal.

I know because I've done it & I've put others through it. Honestly 1,500 calories isn't THAT low--it's just way lower than the average guy. And we’re not here to be average.

It's literally foolproof. You could actually do this.

You can lose +100lbs on this terrible, terrible diet if you want.

Eating fewer calories IS the best way to lose extra weight, bar none. However, a few incremental tweaks to a productive man's approach to food is the way to COMPLETELY flip the direction of his weight trend.

You're about results too, right?

Who cares HOW, just make it work.

The man's mantra. Execute and achieve the desired result.

Rather than prescribing to a whole new school of thought & relearning how to eat according to your age/height/& favorite color--MERGE into better eating habits.

Take what you're already doing, & work around existing preferences, constraints, and habits. This style of incremental shifts is actually sustainable--no yo-yo dieting whatsoever.

Coffee, by the way, CAN help you lose weight.

If (1) you're unsure/curious about how that works, or (2) are tired of failing at your weekly/ monthly/ annual diet, you’ve got options:

Hire me--commit to regular check ins & followups, we’ll track your progress together no matter your situation:

Other priorities in the way? Do it on your own time & pre-order my diet habit corrections course:

Join Cornerstone Men--the list I’ve created for producers whose minds are set on weight loss, get special direct access to me, and receive monthly summaries of all my content across all platforms:

Or just keep doing what you’re doing! I only want to help professionals and providers whose minds are made up.

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