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Seared Tomahawk Steak

Wanna Talk Tomahawk?



It's no secret that the Tomahawk Steak among the most revered piece of beef on the animal. I rarely buy these myself simply because they have a dirty little secret:

They're just ribeye steaks.

Luckily I've made BBQ such a large part of my personality that when gift occasions pop-up (birthday, Christmas, etc.) I often find myself on the receiving end of a butcher's gift card or even a show-stopping steak. That's how I acquired this dry-aged, 16-oz baby. Thanks Tim!

Don't let the form-factor intimidate you--if you can cook a ribeye, you can cook a Tomahawk steak. The only difference will likely be that it's a larger than average steak which really only means 1 thing: a slightly longer cook time.

The last time I grilled up a Tomahawk I used the "JKF" (just keep flipping) method on my flat-top griddle and had great results. But this time, I wanted to try a gentler, more old fashioned method: cooking in a low-temp oven and then searing at the end. It's sort-of akin to sous-vide; and like sous-vide, this method resulted in a beautiful, wall-to-wall, pink, tender doneness that I'm already dreaming about making again.

The Recipe

Serves 1-2

1 - 16 oz Bone-In Ribeye

1 tbs knob of Tallow

3-4 heavy pinches of Kosher Salt

  1. Remove Tomahawk Steak from refrigerator, place on cooking rack

  2. Insert temperature probe into center of the steak from the top

  3. Generously salt all 3 sides of the Tomahawk Steak (front, back, & side)

  4. Bake in oven at 200° F until roughly 100° F internal (may take up to an hour)

  5. Heat flat-top griddle up to at least 400° F (water drops should immediately evaporate on contact)

  6. Steak internal temp will drop during this time--that's okay!

  7. Once flat-top griddle is up to temp, melt Tallow onto surface

  8. Tallow will not burn and is ideal for high-temp cooking

  9. Place Tomahawk Steak firmly onto griddle surface (more surface area = more crust!)

  10. Watch temperature probe carefully & flip Tomahawk Steak around 105° F internal

  11. Remove from flat-top griddle when internal temperature is 5° F from desired doneness

  12. I like mine between rare (110° F) - medium-rare (120° F); I pulled mine off at 110° F

  13. Let rest on cooking rack for at least 10 minutes


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