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MISINFORMATION SERIES VOL. 2: (updated) May 2019 - "A Ketogenic Diet for Beginners"

**Executive Summary / Takeaway Points**

  • This is the newest doppelgänger of low-carb dieting

  • It works for many because of it's breadth of guidelines

  • AGAIN: (Supposed) benefits of ketosis vary widely in diversity and magnitude

Fatty thighs are preferred ONLY when they're on the menu...

Hey Man, 

By now you probably know someone on the Keto Diet who swears by it over Facebook or at the water-cooler.

Us providers are usually too busy to overhaul our approach to food. Hunger and nutrition is something we solve on the fly.

Meat? check., Veggies? check...

etc. set-and-forget ✔️

In general, old habits die hard--which is why I neeeed to BREAK the mold of providers who bring-home-the-bacon, but appear to be hogs themselves.

This time, instead of checking with he bastion of health info that was(n't) Men's Health Magazine, I did what we'd normally would do for new info...I Googled it.

The top result was the website--which appears to be frequently updated enough to seem reliable (c'mon, it says "doctor"!)

You’ve really got to hand it to these guys—they do an outstanding job at making this approach seem REVOLUTIONARY. They even got a guy with an GERMANIC ACCENT to hash out the details in a summary video. Pretty legit and convincing!...right?


There is ABSOLUTELY nothing new about what this diet does, is, or can be. 

I’d wager this type of diet approach be gain in 1963 with Weight Watchers. before calorie and macro-nutrient tracking, became easily trackable for non-laboratory dwellers like us, Jean Nidetch developed a simplified “points” system that was more...digestible (sorry) for the average consumer.

The Citrus Diet of the 70’s, Jenny Craig + the Liquid diets in the 80’s, SlimFast + Low Fat diets in the 90’s, and Atkins + South Beach diets of the naughts—

All these prescribed approaches work/don’t work for the via different flavors of the SAME REASON: carbohydrate management.

Anyway, Here's My Simple Summary:

The article by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt (who penned "Low Carb High Fat Food Revolution" in 2011") advocates the approach he popularized through "personal testimony and endorsements of dieters themselves in order to publicly confirm the authenticity and trustworthiness"


  1. Excess protein can be converted to blood sugar in the body

  2. Litany of benefits: (type-2) diabetic reversal (the least severe), normalized blood pressure, less acne, fewer migranes, less heartburn, potential treatment for brain cancer...


  1. Consume fewer than 50--preferably fewer even than 20--grams of carbohydrates per day

  2. Visual guides for low-sugar (e.g. high energy) foods in less commonly known sources

  3. Processed "low fat" options disguise flavor with sugars

Eenfeldt covered all the bases in this piece--and he should have as the sole pioneer of this newest-wave of strict low-carb dieting. Comprehensive--yes. Helpful--almost.

Valuable info: 95/100 

Waste of time: 66/100 [too much info for practicability]


Look, you don't need to prescribe to this new religion to lose weight. The amount of footwork necessary outside of real, put-food-on-the-table work alone will require a lot of time...time we don't have.

That's why you get me to coach you directly.

Everyone reacts differently to dietary changes. With weekly check-ins I'll tweak your program with the least possible effort on your part.

It's that simple. Click here for coaching

Are you interested in Keto? I can put you on that plan if you really want to one of the cool kids😎 Let me know! 


FB: @dowellness


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