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How to Drink to Lose Fat...Even Without a Schedule

Your time is not renewable. Your body, however...

I don't care how out of shape you (or your wife, kids, or dog) think you are, you're never out of time to improve your body.

Your body can mirror your success as a provider EASILY if you just follow the FACTS.

You aren't a bodybuilder, you're a provider.

Follow these simple FACTS to provide for yourself the biggest changes with no time commitment

Develop a Drinking Habit

- Drink ~2 cups of SOMETHING before every meal

- Keep a reusable bottle

- 'Fullness' is partially weight-dependent...and enough liquid is heavy

Don't Drink Calories

- Switch to water, diet beverages, coffee/tea ONLY

- Coffee & Tea - replace sugar w/ non-calorie sweetener

- Mix it up or combine:

     - Non-Calorie (e.g. Stevia, etc.) sweeteners

     - Sugar-Free Flavor drops (e.g. Mio) or powders (e.g. Crystal Light)

     - Fruit squeeze

Booze Hard or Not at All

-Harder drinks will provide the same result as a number of beers/wines

-Slow consumption (avoid drinking heavily) with intermittent drinks of water

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