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Big Hit Brisket

Big Beef Energy


Mesquite Smoked Brisket - BBQ's coup de grâce


Brisket: Hard to Beat

Nothing beats the aroma, flavor, and texture of a properly smoked brisket.

Are you still avoiding it?

If so, let me put you at ease--it's not as hard as you're making it.

Do less

The hardest part about learning to cook a brisket it is learning you aren't in control.

The meat is in control--so to say...the beef is the boss.

"It's done when it's done" MEANS it's done when it decides to reach doneness.


Not all animals are EXACTLY the same--in fact there's considerable variance from bird-to-bird, lizard-to-lizard, and yes, cow-to-cow...even when they are raised in the same environment and given the same feed!

That variance is even more pronounced when smoking / cooking a LARGE piece of meat. The thickness in some portions of muscle & the amount of fat will effect the cook less than if they were chopped up into ground beef (which in contrast cooks unsurprisingly reliably every time)

So when it comes to big cuts of meat like brisket--you're working with a primal cut that's received nutrients and contracted at different rates than the corresponding muscle on another animal.

This is what makes each brisket a special case. So don't try to force it--give yourself enough time & don't make any promises about it being done by dinner unless you're starting before sunrise because tweaking air-flow, constantly opening the pit, spritzing, and otherwise intervening with the cooking process will ONLY make your brisket take LONGER.

Keep these in mind and you'll never make another disappointing brisket ever again.

Jump in. The Brisket is divine.


The Recipe

Serves 10-15

1 ~11lb Brisket

Kosher Salt

Seasoned Salt

Ground Black Pepper

Smoking Wood (Mesquite)

  1. Remove brisket from cellophane and pat mostly dry with paper towels

  2. Trim brisket - remove excess surface fat and sinew, create aerodynamic shape

  3. Thoroughly salt the brisket on every side providing a dry brine

  4. The next day, apply a thin layer of Seasoned Salt, then smother with fresh Ground Black Pepper

  5. Bring smoker up to ~250° F (Maintain cooking temp. roughly between 225° F~275° F)

  6. Smoke brisket for ~6 hrs until ~150-160° F internal

  7. Remove brisket from smoker

  8. Wrap brisket using "foil boat" method with aluminum foil

  9. Place wrapped brisket in oven at ~300° F

  10. Cook brisket until between ~200-206° F internal - looking for probe tenderness

  11. Let rest 30 minutes

  12. Slice & serve


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